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10:57pm 28/09/2005
  So, I was chillin on the porch of my double wide smokin a cigarette and I notice my pa fucken bought this old school street light and hung it on the porch.
the fucker lights up the goddamn street.
Great for poker night.
and when im too drunk to see the porch.
ajkhflskjfh 211! 211! 211!
02:33pm 11/07/2005
  I want to use your dang ol' icon what with the mullet and the can  
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A call to arms for OK area white trash 
12:12pm 10/07/2005
  We're fed up what with that UFO that kills our cows and anal probe molests my cousin Earl. We're going out tonight and blowing it the hell up once and for all.

The reward for helping us is that we're gonna tear the thing apart and get lots of machine parts and scrap metal. I need a new engine for my truck myself and that warp drive will probably do good as I don't have the damn money to buy an American model.

Meet me at Jimmy Boy's ranch and bring your biggest gun. We are REAL MEN and together we can stop the done aliens from killing our livestock and burning shit into our corn.

Oh yeah...fuck the Democrats.
05:17am 10/05/2005

A new Jerry Springer community!
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03:02pm 29/03/2005
mood: accomplished
So, I just visited the county jail to see a friend of mine who used to cheat on his wife with me. And it made me wonder: what the white-trashiest thing people have done lately?
10:37am 05/03/2005
mood: groggy

I wake up looking like this.
Pretty trashy if I do say so myself.
05:03pm 13/02/2005
  Here's me in my trailer.

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09:30pm 11/11/2004
  Eating KFC for dinner in the living room while watching Jerry Springer (and episode with the Klan at that), how white trash is my family?  
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Unexpected 4am photoshoot. Done by Jonathan Riel 
04:43am 11/08/2004

+20 of these unexpected photosCollapse )
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06:24pm 28/07/2004
  Come join this fun new raiting community!
being white trash and all... 
08:21am 28/07/2004
mood: bitchy
im new
and sooo white trash
12:08pm 22/07/2004
  going to another interview...

I'm actually going to the interview in the yellow dress at the end. But here are some pictures of whatb I've been up to. (besides being photographed in a 1950's betty crocker dress.) LOTS OF PICS!

psychobilly is forbidden!Collapse )
01:49pm 13/07/2004
mood: amused
my pride and fucking joy

I even got it for free, the price is always right for da r341z c0wb0yzzz y0Collapse )
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04:23am 24/02/2004
  im trashy. friend me. you wont regret it. i promise.

welcome to my livejournal aka "the inside of my head." ill have to warn you - its an extraordinarily bizarre place. i will now tell you a bit about "the infamous miss becky."

i am insane.

i am a terrible person with no conscience or soul. i should convert to judaism to avoid going straight to hell when someone kills me. however, i love jesus far too much. he brings me christmas, by far the most glorious day of the year. my adoring parents shower me with truckloads of expensive gifts. i reward them with one present each...bought with their own money.

i am a rich bitch and enjoy the finer things in life - bentleys, diamonds, platinum (jewelry or credit cards), shopping with my parents' money, fast cars, fast men, rich men, and buying ridiculously expensive and utterly useless items (ie orange pumas and maroon diesels).

i am a cancer and like long, naked walks on the beach.

i am a bit trashy but no longer the trash queen. that title was taken from me by a gentleman who slept in a pile of garbage...sorry about the sacrifice (or lack thereof). bring him next time, and ill give him the true "first time at wash u" experience.

i reside in the loo. therefore, i like to drink. a lot. my drink of choice is cheap vodka chased by diet coke. i dont suffer from alcoholism; i enjoy every minute of it.

i have been known to bong beers with frat boys who go down on me later in the evening. i then proceed to puke on them.

i am an experienced and talented puker, specializing in projectile vomit, puking in mass quantities, and gagging myself. ask khalid, michael, and mark. or norbert.

i enjoy cum shots to the face by anonymous, sketchy boys.

i hate feet.

i hate children.

i will one day take over the world with the assistance of my "kill bill-esque" army of midgets named napoleon.

far in the future, i will own a petting zoo and giant treasure chest for the sole purpose of antagonizing children.

it is the ultimate goal of my life to one day be as senile as that crazy bitch in "christmas vacation." please help me get there.
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Hi There , Ya'll 
09:26pm 27/12/2003
mood: awake
I am about as trashy as they come . Enjoy.
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09:26pm 29/11/2003
mood: crazed
BWAK!!! BWAK BWAK!!! Bwak bwak *scratch scratch scratch* You read something in the dirt. It says, "Don't be chicken. Visit the_hamlins They won't snap your neck off." BGOCK!!!!! *flapflapflapflapflap*
11:27pm 23/08/2003
  i figured i was good enough so i applied to the_ideal
check it out for a laugh
08:19pm 24/07/2003
mood: accomplished
Have you ever gained weight due to government cheese? Did you want to be an artist and a runner when you grew up? Draw welfare and run to the mailbox, 'cause this is the place for you'uns!

that's right kids, redneck_riviera is up and running. we freely welcome any and all human trash, city born or country bred. join, post, read the user info. and make my first attempt at livejournal communities successful, damnit!
05:45pm 25/06/2003
mood: str8 laced!!!1
_str8laced a Jenny Jones fan community by myself & modestmoiska.
Join now plz. Jenny Jones must live on livejournal style!
Some of us are more trashy than others 
06:14am 28/05/2003
  Yeah, I'm lame and really curious, so here goes nothing...

Has anyone been on any talk shows?

If you've been on Jenny Jones, I worship you.
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